Is Your Website Losing You Business?

A  study by Global Lingo revealed that 59% of Britons would not use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website or marketing material, and 82% would not use a company that had not correctly translated its material into English.*

59% of participants of the study said that they “wouldn’t trust” a company to provide a good quality service if their website displayed obvious spelling errors and bad grammar. They also stated that a company demonstrating a lack of care and attention to detail within their online shopfront would be deemed as being unprofessional and possibly bypassed for one of their competitors.

And with an article published by the BBC substantiating the above headline stating that spelling mistakes can cut online sales in half, you can’t help but wonder if your business is losing out on new customers because of tiny little errors that some people wouldn’t even notice.**

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, overuse of capitals, grainy images, broken links – there are so many things that could be preventing prospective customers from getting in touch, so isn’t it time to give your website a proofreading health check?

If you don’t have the time or the know-how, you can always get Girl Friday to do it for you. For a quick, cost effective solution to get your website back on track, contact Steff to get a proofing report for your business.

So how sure are you that your website is 100% error free? 

Do you have the time and the eye for detail to go through each and every page?

Or would you rather employ a qualified proofreader to do it for you?

Limited Time Offer

I am currently offering a discounted price for all web proofing projects including:

  • All web pages professionally proofread for spelling, grammar & punctuation

  • Links checked

  • Incorrect fonts identified

  • Production of a detailed document containing easy to follow corrections

  • Quick turnaround


  • £8 per web page

  • Any documents/downloads can also be included for an additional charge dependent on size/content

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