Wonderful Clients

I've been very lucky to work with some wonderful people over the years. Here are some of the nice things they said about me:


Emma Dutton MBE

Steff has been completely transformational to our business. She integrated herself into an established team immediately and has been a force-multiplier. She cuts through the noise quickly and has bounds of initiative. Wholly reliable and with other professional experiences that bring a well-rounded approach, there’s nothing she can’t turn her hand to.

Melinda Strudwick

Steff is amazing!   


As a busy, single, professional in my 40s, with a beautiful - but high maintenance Victorian home - I was drowning in never-ending ‘to do’ lists at home and at work.  In the space of about 30 minutes, Steff took the ‘home’ list off my plate.  


Steff is completely professional and super flexible, working around my availability and preferences.  Communication is top notch - with me and with my family, friends and suppliers - no confusion.  And people find her so approachable and easy to work with, I’m happy with her liasing with others on my behalf!   


A year later, she has made short work of all manner of things - tradespeople, shopping, holidays and travel, difficult neighbours - and  I’ve been able to focus on my career, making partner at a Big4 accountancy firm! And on Saturday mornings, I have a few free hours to play with and feel like a teenager again!  


Thank you from bottom of my heart!!

Jackie Caro

Dynamic organisational ray of sunshine who always gets the job done brilliantly and a pleasure to work alongside.

Marion Costello

Marion had asked me to organise her bedroom for her, in particular making space for her to be able to exercise in there. This was her response when seeing the room for the first time:

OMG!!!!!! I can't believe it, I'm in tears here. You are amazing! How did you do that?!!!! Wow!!!!! I feel like a new woman in a hotel room!!!!!!!! 

Judi Bevan

I found Steff through searching for casual secretarial help on the web and up came Girl Friday with her details. When we met I liked her immediately, explained we were having a big birthday party for 150 people and she agreed to help straight away. She made and designed table names, did all the place cards and chased people who had not replied. In addition she helped me redo my filing cabinet and organise my stationery cupboard. She was always punctual and pleasant and happy to help with mundane tasks such as filing.

She is more comfortable with Microsoft than Apple software but I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone wanting help organising events or re-arranging a home office.

Charles Taylor

With a property to sell 100 miles from where we live and very little time to devote to it, it was wonderful to be able to turn to Girl Friday. Steff got the place ready to sell and dealt with all the correspondence and communication between agents, solicitors etc. Any hiccups - inevitable with any house sale but we had some humdingers along the way - were handled calmly and professionally and Steff applied the appropriate pressure to keep things moving which would have been virtually impossible for us during working hours. Cannot thank her enough for bringing it all to a very satisfactory conclusion. Would not hesitate to recommend Girl Friday - there's nothing that Steff can't turn her hand to and you cannot put a price on being able to rest easy knowing that everything is under control.

Jon Coulson

We needed time sensitive, business critical support on very short notice. Steff settled into our team immediately and was able to hit the ground running, dealing with a variety of sales, admin and customer service tasks – often at the same time! We can’t recommend her highly enough.   

Madeleine Bocker

Thank you very much for all your help, kind words, patience and cheerful spirit! I have very much enjoyed working with you and will definitely be in touch on my return to the UK.

Nicola Taylor

What an amazing transformation has been made of the former bombsite which was our home office! No more teetering piles of paper, we can see both the desktop and the floor, and all the paperwork has been archived, shredded or filed; thanks to her many and varied storage solutions, stationery and books have been better organised. Steff came in and calmly and efficiently ploughed through what had become an increasingly daunting task for us - we are absolutely delighted with the result.   

Charlie Elloy

Working with Steff has been a delight.  I tasked her with creating a photo book as a gift for a friend, providing her with a brief, timelines, budget, photos and messages.  We talked through some of my ideas, and Steff was able to help me refine these so we both had a clear understanding of what the end result should be. All our communication was via email and phone, despite this she interpreted my brief perfectly and I couldn't be happier with the end result.  She has great attention to detail, is thoroughly organised, really efficient and an absolute pleasure to work with, I have no hesitation in recommending her highly.

Damian Walters

Thanks for all your hard work proofing our web content. I’m pleased to say! That your’ grammatical… assistance, has, helped me no END!        

Melissa Gardner

Steff is a fantastic organiser. I needed to get my Dad something special for his birthday, something unusual yet thoughtful. I didn't have time to sort the additional research needed so Girl Friday came to my rescue. I simply passed my ideas to Steff, then she sent me a variety of options as gifts & cards, then I just chose the items and Steff did everything else. Girl Friday knows how to take the sting out of the shopping spree! Dad received a select meat hamper, an antique show invitation pack and a golf ball bag with personalised initials. All gifts were beautifully wrapped, card with a bespoke design and personalised with my words that Steff had sorted, and everything arrived bang on time for the birthday. It meant a great deal to me as I am overseas so not missing an important day and making it special was thanks to Girl Friday's skills.

Thank you so much Steff for your fab organisational work, swift responses to ideas and an articulate service getting everything delivered and packaged on time at very reasonable prices.   

Drew Carter

I'm very pleased to say I've known Steff for a while now and as well as a friend she has proven a life saver on many occasions. Living in Spain we can get into the "out of sight out of mind" mentality but NOT with Steff on the case. 


Ian Horsham

Steff is one of those people that cares passionately about what she does and is incredibly thorough. She is a joy to work with because once the strategy is agreed, she just gets the job done.  

Paul Girling

As Captain Lovell put it, there are three types of people, those that make it happen, those that watch things happen and those that don’t know what happened. Well, undoubtedly you fit into the first grouping and furthermore, last week in Marlow you made it happen with the minimum amount of fuss, the maximum of efficiency and always with a can-do attitude and a smile! A sincere thank you for a fantastic job and a great team effort.

Nik Freeman

Over the last couple of weeks Steff has been a massive help when I’ve been trying to clear out rubbish and move things around for the office refurb. Even when dressed to kill in killer heels and nice nails she is prepared to roll up her sleeves and get down and dirty. 

Mike & Angela Kane

Just a short note to say many thanks for all your hard work arranging a fabulous trip to South Africa at such short notice. We loved every minute and really enjoyed your company.    


George McDowall

Thank you for organising our trip to remember in Las Vegas. We all had a fantastic time.  


Mark Horgan

A few words of gratitude for your contribution to last week’s event. It is truly amazing that you found a 200 person venue of that standard at such short notice. I am looking forward to the US trip and thank you in advance for your help there also.     


Robin Haydock

Thank you very much for organising our brilliant trip, very exciting! A totally different experience and something I would never have done. I feel very privileged to have been invited.