Virtual Assistants - The Facts & Figures

August 15, 2019



When people ask what I do for a living, I usually have to explain what a Virtual Assistant does and give them examples of the types of work that I undertake for my clients. Maybe the term ‘Virtual Assistant’ is more familiar in the US or maybe the concept just hasn’t reached the United Kingdom just yet? Actually, that’s not strictly true.


Although some people may be a little behind the times and think that someone who does the work of a regular Personal Assistant only works within the offices of UK businesses and certainly not assisting private clients with their personal lives!


So, to give you a better idea on the scope of the world of Virtual Assistants, here are a few facts and figures about the Virtual Assistant industry:


1.   Virtual Assistants in the UK work with 13,500+ small to medium size businesses

2.   Industries most regularly using VAs are: business consultants, coaches, online businesses, personal services, charities, property sector and the financial sector

3.   Common tasks outsourced to VAs include: general admin, social media, bookkeeping and accounts, personal support/diary management, typing/transcription/proofreading, marketing, event management, web design, business management, training, IT, call answering, translation & research

4.   On average each VA will work with 6.2 clients each (dependant on full and part time working)

5.   The majority of VA’s are female (97%) with only 3% being male

6.   Most VA’s are over 35 (82%) and bring a range of experience and skills with their business

7.   61% of VAs are solopreneurs (work alone)

8.   76% of VA’s have a dedicated workspace in their home

9.   The most effective method for a VA gaining new clients is referrals and word of mouth

10. Virtual Assistants provide both time and money saving options for your business or your private life!





Source: UK Virtual Assistant National Survey v9

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