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February 28, 2019





Working as a Virtual Assistant, I provide a variety of service to my clients; from administration and personal shopping to event management and proofreading, from marketing to decluttering to house sales to research projects and everything in between. With extensive experience and various qualifications gained throughout the years, I give quality time back to people with busy lives who just don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done themselves.


Throughout my time working as a Virtual Assistant, there have been occasions when potential clients have questioned the amount I charge per hour for the services I offer. Virtual Assistants usually charge between £15 and £50 per hour so I’m certainly not pricing myself out of the market and I definitely don’t feel the need to overcharge more than I would be prepared to pay myself.


To gain a better insight as to where my hourly rate sat within a group of other trades people, I looked into the going rate for various professions. Within the grand scheme of things, I still believe that I’m actually really good value for money.


The rates below are an average of the multiple sources I looked at.

Cleaner - £10

Painter/decorator - £10-£25

Gardener - £15-£30

Girl Friday Harrow - £25

Mechanic - £44-£141

Handyman - £70

Architect - £75-£150

Plumber - £80

Electrician - £90

Solicitor - £226

NB. The minimum living wage for workers aged 25+ is currently £7.50


As a freelancer, I look after all elements of my business to ensure that everything runs smoothly; marketing, promotion, advertising, accounts, banking, budgeting, equipment, administration, networking, IT, design… the list is endless and that’s before and after the client work!


As a freelancer, I don’t get health insurance, a company pension, a company car, childcare vouchers, staff discount or any of the many benefits that most employers provide. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid so you won’t find freelancers taking many sick days and any holidays I take are obviously unpaid.


As a Virtual Assistant you can employ me for one hour or as many hours as you need so you only have to pay for the time that you book. For anyone who only needs an extra pair of hands occasionally or doesn’t want to pay a regular wage, that’s the flexibility that a freelancer can provide you with.


The majority of my clients are people with busy professional lives and people who would prefer to spend their free time having fun instead of attending to chores.


£25 per hour?  I know that I’m worth every penny!

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