What's With the Sleepwalking?

November 15, 2018



I’m a sleepwalker. I have been a sleepwalker for as long as I can remember.


It used to worry my mother something rotten when I was little as she never knew what I was going to do next. I still remember the day I got my first car. As soon as I walked through the front door, Mum asked me to hand over my car keys as she was concerned that I would get up in the middle of the night and want to take my new car out for a drive.


I’m sure that everyone is different but sleepwalking for me takes a couple of forms:


Talking – I can have a full-blown conversation when I’m asleep. They don’t usually make much sense to anyone listening (poor Gordon) but for me whilst they’re taking place, they are completely serious and very real. Gordon was warned early-on that he shouldn’t try to wake me up whilst I’m sleepwalking so he just tries to pacify me until I drift off of my own accord. Unfortunately, this means that I can get a bit annoyed if I sub-sense that my conversation isn’t being taken seriously (again, sorry Gordon)


Walking – I believe that I actually ‘walk’ much less than in my younger days but it still happens from time to time. I just walk around the apartment and usually wake up in a different room when I realise that I should just be in bed. It often takes a few minutes for me to think about what it is that I’m doing and then reasoning with myself that I’m being daft before heading back to bed. Sometimes, I will just wake up in the morning and know that I’ve done something but don’t really know what. Small recollections will come and go but I can’t usually piece things together so that they make sense


And sometimes I’ll do all of the above!


I’ve never known my sleepwalking antics to make much sense before but more recently my nightly exploits have a distinct link to my work. I have a recurring ‘dream’ that I need to get access to a system via the television in our bedroom which contains incomplete client tasks. I have no idea how to access the system and this causes me to wake up and try everything I can to find a way in. Last night, I also tried accessing the system via my phone and when that didn’t work I got up and walked into a drawer unit in the bedroom – the large bruise on my leg will remind of that one for the next few days!


Some of my sleepwalking highlights:

  • Being found by my Mum behind the TV in the living room – she had no idea how I had been able to get into that small space without moving the TV (which was far too heavy for a small girl)

  • Being found on a cross channel ferry deck talking about strawberries and cream

  • A recurring dream and subsequent terrors about millions of small, transparent spiders in the bed

  • My family finding my pillow underneath the telephone in the hall


Unsurprisingly, I was never allowed to sleep on the top bunk of any bunk-beds…

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