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November 8, 2018



I recently purchased a new laptop. My old one was starting to get a little slow, a little temperamental and before long I would have ended up throwing it through the window. I can spend over ten hours a day working on my laptop so it really is the most crucial piece of equipment that I own. The replacement didn’t have to be good, it had to be exceptional.


I did my homework and went along to a local store to check out my shortlist. As it happens, I ended up really disliking the one I had hoped to purchase but I did purchase a model that I hadn’t considered before. My sparkly new laptop was delivered the following day, and I set to, to get it up and running.


My laptop is the ‘hub’ of my business, along with my own personal stuff, so it took a while to get everything loaded (WiFi, printers, software, security, accounts, passwords, files etc) but within a few hours, everything was hunky dory. And it continued like that for three weeks.


One day, for no good reason, I lost the ability to be able to copy and paste. It didn’t matter which way I tried to do this, nothing worked. Google is my friend, so I asked what the problem could possibly be (whatever did we do before Google?) I trawled through various pages of people who had encountered the same problem and I tried a few of the ‘fixes’ that had been suggested but to no avail, after 30 minutes trying to sort the problem out myself.


Other suggestions were starting to get much to technical for my basic IT knowledge so I decided to ask the experts and went to the manufacturers support assistant. After going around in circles for 30 minutes, I managed to find an option for online chat. After waiting patiently for ten minutes to be connected, I was eventually told that this chat service only dealt with customers from the US and Canada but was given a link to the UK support service.


After a 15 minute telephone conversation, I was advised that this was a Microsoft issue and that I would have to call them to rectify the problem. I was given the telephone number for Microsoft from which I endeavoured to navigate yet another IVR system to find someone that would be able to help me.


The lady I spoke with first, took me through a variety of possible solutions but after another 15 minute phone call, it ended up that I needed to install the latest version of Windows. My laptop was only three weeks old, why did I need to update the operating system already? What had happened today that had suddenly made my laptop decide that it would take away the option to copy and paste until I uploaded the latest version of Windows? As far as I’m aware, copy and paste was the only function that had failed so why was that?


I clearly wasn’t going to get any other solution to restore the copy and paste function so the process commenced. As this is quite a time-consuming process, the lady I was speaking to obviously wasn’t going to stick around, so she hot-footed it and told me to call back once the upload was complete. To my surprise, the upload went much quicker than I had thought it would (been there, done that before) but it was probably about 40 minutes in all.


I duly called Microsoft back, upon which there were several more hoops to get through whilst my system was fully updated. Another 18 minutes passed by but the copy and paste function was restored and has been fine ever since.


The initial set-up of my laptop was probably between 4-5 hours which I fully appreciate when you purchase a new piece of hardware. After just three weeks, I then find myself having to spend another 2.5 hours to update the operating system so I can perform the simple procedure of copy and paste.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my new laptop but having to spend this amount of time without understanding why, really does my head in!

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