Top 3 Keyboard Cleaners

April 19, 2018

How do you keep your keyboard clean? Give it a good shake every now and again? Get your regular hoover out and give it a quick going over? Or probably like most people, do nothing at all? Well, there are plenty of gadgets out there to keep your keys moving freely - check out my top three:


Henry Hoover


Miniature battery operated version of the original Henry Vacuum by Numatic. Designed to suck up dust and crumbs and includes a handy crevice tool. A little cumbersome to store but so cute that you may forgive this.


Available from Amazon RRP £12.99




5 Star Air Duster Can HFC Free Compressed Gas


This handy 400ml can of compressed air is great for getting those little bits of debris out from the crevices of your keyboard. With an extension nozzle included, simply aim the nozzle into the gaps between the keys and give your keyboard a new lease of life.


Available from Amazon RRP £17.88 (but readily available from £6 upwards)






Avlink Keyboard Cleaning Brush


This specially designed nylon strip brush gets between keyboard keys of your computer, laptop or notebook to remove any dirt and dust. The soft brush is designed to avoid any surface scratches, doesn’t require plugging in, doesn’t need batteries and is the cheapest option here.


Available from Amazon RRP £5.99 but currently available for £2.09 including delivery.

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