VA Top 6 Tools of the Trade

March 15, 2018



Every occupation has its own set of tools which are vital for completing their everyday tasks. At its most basic level, an accountant needs a calculator, a decorator needs a paintbrush and a bricklayer needs a spirit level. Well, as a Virtual Assistant, I have a range of tools which help me to complete tasks for my clients, here are just a few:

  1. Laptop with internet connection. It doesn’t matter where I’m working, this is the one tool that I simply couldn’t manage without. Most of my work takes place using a keyboard and mouse, sometimes for 12 hours straight in a day. My laptop is equipped with different software to assist with different tasks and I have a number of bags to transport it depending on where I’m heading. I also have a backup laptop which is actually a much older, slower model but I know that I also have another option should my main laptop fail for whatever reason.

  2. Mobile phone. My clients can contact me anytime and they all have their own favourite methods of communication; phone, email, text and WhatsApp. I can also keep on top of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at all times and if I’m out and about, I can find my way around, check out the tube status and see when the next bus is due.

  3. Printer, scanner and copier. I actually have two of these as well as I felt the need to have a back-up here too. If ever I have an IT nightmare, service will continue for my clients whilst a permanent fix is established.

  4. Label machine. Anyone who has a natural zest for organisation couldn’t manage without a label machine. It won’t surprise you to know that I also have two of these as well but that’s simply because my original machine is so broken that you can’t actually read what’s on the screen before the label prints, but I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it. I’ve had it for more years than I care to remember and it has a bit of sentiment attached to it too.

  5. Heavy duty hole-punch. I set up a lot of filing systems for clients so having a sturdy hole-punch is a must. Being able to punch multiple pages in one go is a great time saver for big filing jobs.

  6. Box of tricks. If I’m ever going on-site to a client, I take my box of tricks with me. The box contains everyday stationery items which usually come in handy at some point: stapler and staples, paperclips, scissors, post-it notes, sellotape, blu-tack, bulldog clips, notebook and a selection of pens and pencils.










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