How Can a Virtual Assistant Help You?

January 25, 2018



There are many exciting elements of having your own business; being the captain of the ship, meeting new contacts, winning new contracts, making sales, being profitable, being creative, the list is endless.


However, to run a successful business, also means having to undertake the less exciting tasks which keep the ship floating; admin, paperwork, diary management, filing, correspondence, bookkeeping – again, to name but a few!


I imagine that it is quite a rarity for the types of people who have the entrepreneurial spirit to start their own business, to also be the type of personality who enjoys taking care of the admin side of the business. Putting aside that the more exciting tasks will be very time consuming, finding the same time commitment for the more mundane elements is an unlikely situation.


In a recent survey by, small business owners shared their Top 5 most hated admin tasks:

  1. Chasing late client payments

  2. Processing expenses

  3. Document formatting

  4. Making travel arrangements

  5. Social media management


For a new business that is doing well, there may well be people employed to take care of the various elements of the business including the administration. For small business who are just starting out and just don’t have the time to complete the admin themselves, or the funds to employ staff on a part or full time basis, a Virtual Assistant may be just the solution that they are looking for. Someone they can call in as and when required, someone who can look after the detail and give the business owner the time required to concentrate on the bigger picture. There are some obvious benefits to using a Virtual Assistant:

  • Utilise the Virtual Assistant when you need them – as many or as few hours as you need

  • The Virtual Assistant is not an employee – no tax, NI, benefits or pension payments required

  • Your Virtual Assistant will look after your business administration just as well as a full/part time employee

  • Your Virtual Assistant will take care of much of your administration tasks from their own location so no need to worry about extra space or equipment

  • Freelancers know other freelancers – if you find yourself needing assistance with another area of the business that you don’t have experience with, chances are that your Virtual Assistant knows another freelancer that would be perfect for the task (and if they don’t, they’ll soon be able to find someone for you).


Whether you need to improve your work-life balance by not working into the wee small hours to complete the administration side of your business, if you don’t have the patience, attention to detail or the know-how, or if you just can’t stand the thought of taking up any of your time with paperwork, why not consider finding yourself a Virtual Assistant?


Girl Friday Harrow is a Virtual Assistant offering services to business and domestic clients. Get in touch today on 07855 800586 or email

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