Agency, Freelancer or Temp?

May 3, 2018




So, you’ve decided that you need the assistance of a Virtual Assistant but where will you source them from? Do you opt for one of the many agencies that have a bank of willing and able VAs on their books or do you find a one-man-band freelancer to help you out with all those tasks that just keep mounting up? Or maybe you feel that the cheaper option of using a Temp is worth considering? Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons to all options:


  • An Agency will undoubtedly have a selection of VAs readily available whereas a freelancer will work individually as a one-man-band (but will probably also have a variety of VA friends)

  • Agency VAs will have a variety of skills and experience so you can choose which would be best for your business – you may have to look into a number of freelance VAs if you require a specific set of skills

  • If your VA is unable to work for whatever reason, the agency will probably be able to supply a stand-in, however, as a freelance VA is self-employed, the likelihood of them taking sick days is very slim (and as they will be working from home, you won’t have to worry about their germs!)

  • Agencies will hopefully have insurance to cover any eventuality of issues with your VA or their work – SVA approved VAs will also have the appropriate levels of insurance to cover the work they carry out for you

  • You will be paying a set rate to the agency, of which the VA will only receive a small percentage demonstrating that they may not be top quality. A highly skilled VA will charge according to their skills and experience

  • Hiring a Temp may also be something you’re considering. They’re probably a little cheaper, however, this is because their skill set may not be quite up to VA standards. And don’t forget that if you need a Temp on another occasion, you’re not likely to get the same one twice.

There are a number of options available to all businesses when it comes to bringing in short-term, temporary or part time staff. You just need to find the solution that works best for you.

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