Top 10 Benefits of Hiring a VA

October 12, 2017



There are so many benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant – here are just the Top 10!


1) Only Use Them When You Need Them

Whether you require someone to keep on top of the business administration for a few hours a week or if you need someone to take care of an ad hoc project, a Virtual Assistant is an excellent solution.


2) No Additional Space or Equipment Required

Because a Virtual Assistant works remotely from their own location, you don’t need to fork out for an extra desk, chair, PC, software licenses, telephone etc. So if you’re short of space, it’s no problem!


3) Save on Recruitment Costs

Looking to recruit a new member of staff? By opting for a Virtual Assistant instead, you can save yourself the time and money involved in recruiting: agencies, advertisements, interviewing...


4) No Ongoing Employee Costs

No large regular salary or bonus outgoings to pay out, no holiday or sick pay to worry about, no pension or National Insurance Contributions to consider and no maternity/paternity leave either.


5) Only Pay for the Hours They Work

Unlike employees, you only pay your Virtual Assistant for the hours they work. No coffee breaks, water cooler chats or quiet work periods to cough up money for.


6) Get Specialist Assistance for Your Business

Many Virtual Assistants have specific skills; copy typing, transcription, presentations, copy writing, proofreading, event management. You get to cherry pick exactly the skills your business requires.


7) Get the Perfect VA for Your Business

Virtual Assistants come in many guises. There will be a VA out there who is a perfect fit for your business. If at first you don’t succeed, hire another until you find the best match.


8) Be Confident in Hiring a VA With The Best Standards

By using an SVA approved Virtual Assistant you can be assured of the very best standard of customer service and professionalism.


9) Quality Work Every Time

Your Virtual Assistant will work closely with you to achieve seamless perfection of your projects – no one will ever know it wasn’t completed in-house!


10) Confidentiality Guaranteed

An SVA approved Virtual Assistant will have confidentiality policies in place and will be a registered Data Controller so your business is safe in their hands.


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