Weird & Wonderful Work Experiences

August 18, 2017



I’ve had quite a varied career throughout the years; retail, administration, incentives, proofreading, events, marketing and now my current career as a Freelance Virtual PA.


I’ve trawled my memory banks to come up with a list of my most memorable experiences during my working life and I would like to share them with you.

  • Walking for five miles in deep snow to get to work just to find on arrival that none of the keyholders had made it in and having to walk all the way back again

  • Getting in to the office at 5am to paint a wall red (pantone matched of course…)

  • Recording vox pops with staff for a popular dancing show on the BBC

  • Having to ask the store cleaner to remove something that a customer had left in a toilet in the bathroom department

  • Managing a Christmas card photo shoot in the full heat of the summer

  • Directing traffic in a car park to allow for the delivery of a double decker bus

  • Sourcing magic wand pencils for a marketing campaign

  • Managing four re-brands in two years

  • Painting large 3D letters for a Christmas campaign on my dining room table

  • Co-ordinating a pirate themed live stunt show for a client conference

Happy days!

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