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August 3, 2017



Throughout the years, I have enjoyed a varied career and have undertaken some very interesting tasks. During my time as an Event Manager, I always threatened to write a book detailing some of the more toe-curling tales (without naming and shaming of course!) but I never quite got round to it. In addition to the many occasions of dealing with people who had maybe had one shandy too many, something got me thinking about the more unusual tasks I have been involved with so here are a few of my particular favourites from the world of events:

  • Apologising profusely (and paying the cleaning bill) for a beer and peanut ‘disturbance’ undertaken by delegates in a hotel bar area (this was my first ever event)

  • Having to request 29 duplicate tickets for a chartered flight as 20% of the delegates had ‘lost’ their originals

  • Sourcing army uniforms for five senior management members and helping them to get dressed

  • Removing two ‘unwanted’ visitors from a very senior team member’s hotel room

  • Watching a delegate arrive at the airport departure gate being held up on either side by two of his colleagues

  • Removing mud from a guest who had fallen into a hedgerow during a Caribbean storm

  • Stopping a guest from urinating in a large planter in the middle of a hotel reception

  • Travelling on a fam trip with a colleague who had nothing but sausages in his suitcase

  • Ordering 2000 ceramic pigs just for them to be smashed up with a hammer

  • Handing out anti-diarrhoea tablets to guests who didn’t take the advice not to eat the monkey brains or fish eyes from the market the night before

Anyone who works in events knows that you’re the first up in the morning, the last to bed at night and you hardly get chance to sneeze during the day… but it’s also a whole lot of fun!

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