Blatant Plug Alert!

April 27, 2017



When you get to a certain age, it seems to get harder and harder to come up with new ideas for gifts for your loved ones. And sometimes you want to give something just a little more special than socks or perfume.


So here’s an idea for a gift that can be a truly unique option; art.


OK, so this is blatantly a plug for my other business but hear me out! Here are just a few reasons to consider a piece of commissioned art when the next special occasion comes along:

  1. The commissioned artwork will be completely unique – no-one else will ever receive the same gift

  2. You get to choose the size, colour scheme and can have an input into the design

  3. Commissioning artwork can cost a lot less than you think (my pieces start at £125)

  4. In years to come, the artwork may have increased in value

  5. The recipient will be truly grateful for the effort you have made to get them a unique gift

So that’s five reasons why commissioning a piece of artwork as a gift for your nearest and dearest isn’t such a ridiculous idea.


Many people search for months/years for the perfect piece of art for their home. Having your own piece produced means that you get to choose the size that fills a particular gap in your home, you get to choose the colour that matches your décor and if you’re so inclined, you can work with the artist to ensure that the design will be loved by the recipient based on your knowledge of their tastes.


Or if you want something completely personal, why not go for something like the image with this post. This piece includes a phrase which was translated into Gaelic. A real conversation piece as you would undoubtedly be asked what it means – it’s up to you whether you choose to divulge or keep it between you and the recipient…


The time to produce a piece of unique art will differ from artist to artist so bear this in mind when opting for a commissioned piece. Allowing for design time, production and drying times, I can produce any of the pieces on my website within a week, less  for smaller pieces. If time has gotten the better of you and you need the gift quick-fast, there are plenty of artists who will have something that may well be perfect available from their studio stock (me included).


The days are long gone when commissioning a piece of art was just for the rich and famous, so the next time you’re stuck for a unique gift idea, check out my website:


Blatant plug over…

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