Adding a Little Sparkle

April 20, 2017



My sister works for a jeweller. But even before spending her days surrounded by sparkly things, she would encourage me (read nag) to take better care of my jewellery.

Unlike my sister, who has a huge selection of stunning pieces of jewellery, I have a small but beautiful array of pieces that mean the world to me. So, as a consequence, I very rarely take them off, an activity (or lack of) that my sister cannot forgive me for.  


Knowing that she was never likely to get me to remove my jewellery on a regular basis and in an attempt to keep my jewellery in the best condition possible under those circumstances, she purchased me a bumper pack of jewellery cleaning products in the hope that I would occasionally give my diamonds a little shine now and again.


And I have to admit that it was a great gift! Two items in particular really bring the sparkle back to my favourite pieces:

  • Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik – this little beauty brings the sparkle back to diamonds, precious stones and platinum and gold Settings. The Dazzle Stik's jewellery cleaning gel contains micro-fine cleansers and polishing agents that bring radiance and lustre to diamonds. The special formula also contains a special polymer that fills tiny scratches in settings bringing your jewellery back to life again

  • Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes – a pack of 25 individual wipes which can be used on all metals, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and precious stones. They come in a convenient compact, making it easy to clean your jewellery anywhere, anytime. And because they contain an anti-tarnish shield, they help your jewellery retain its shine

So my sister may not have changed my habits in taking my jewellery off on a regular basis but she has taught me the importance of keeping my favourite pieces in pristine condition by using her lovely gift.


Thanks sis, you’re a diamond!

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