Which Choc Egg Would You Choose?

April 13, 2017

Believe it or not, Easter Eggs will start going on sale in January - nearly four months before Easter! And every year there just seems to be more and more choice. Instead of a rundown on which supermarket offers the best value for your chocolate eggs, this is a more 'tongue-in-cheek' look at the diverse range of prices that you could be paying (but probably won't)!


Shawish Easter Surprise

If you’re a fan of the Kinder Egg and like to get a little gift inside your chocolate egg, then this one could be right up your street… if you can afford it. In a partnership between famous Knightsbridge store Harrods and jewellers Shawish, the Easter Surprise Egg was presented to shoppers with more than a gold card in their pocket. The chocolate egg was handcrafted by award winning chocolatier Philippe Pascoet and contains an 18 carat white gold necklace with a Shawish pendant. The eggs were sold last year for an eye-watering £31,500 but it’s unknown if they will be returning to Harrods again this year.



Golden Speckled Egg

 Most of the world’s most expensive eggs cost so much because they contain an expensive gift, are adorned with jewels or both! Master Chocolatier William Curley currently holds the record for the most expensive non-jewelled chocolate egg. This humdinger is made from Venezuelan Amadei chocolate and weighs in at a massive 110lbs. Filled with handcrafted chocolates, the egg took seven chefs a total of three days to produce. It was sold at a Faberge sponsored charity event in 2012 and was eventually sold for £7,000.


Godiva’s Atelier Egg

With a combination of white, milk and dark chocolate, this handcrafted beauty from Godiva’s Chocolatier Jean Apostolou, weighs in at 14kg and will cost you a massive £1,000. The intricate piping which was inspired by Belgian lace, took a whopping four hours to complete, hence the significant price tag.



Betty’s Imperial Easter Egg

 Named after the Imperial Suite at Betty’s famous Café Tea Rooms in Harrogate, this five kilo masterpiece is decorated with delicate spring flowers and can be ordered in either milk or dark chocolate. This handcrafted egg is made to order and delivered personally, for that added touch of luxury. And at only £250, it’s quite a bargain!



Hotel Chocolat’s Extra Thick Egg

 With a lavishly thick shell that gives you a satisfying ‘crack’ as it breaks apart in your hands and filled with a range of delicious egglets filled with truffle and praline. The ‘Just Milk’ option is an egg of two generously proportioned halves: creamy 40% milk chocolate and deeper 50% milk chocolate. It comes wrapped in gold foil and tied with ribbon. This year’s egg contains Vanilla, Nuts About Raspberry, Illegal Gianduja, Salted Caramel Cream, Salted Macadamia and The Bee’s Knees. Coming in at £27, this one has a more realistic price tag.


Cadbury’s Crème Egg

 One of the UK’s favourites! Cadbury’s Crème eggs were first launched in 1963 but were known as Fry’s Crème Eggs with Cadbury’s only putting their name to the popular egg in 1971. The product consists of a thick milk chocolate shell containing a white and yellow fondant filling designed to look like the white and yolk of the egg. Wrapped in the legendary red, yellow and purple foil and only available to buy between January and April, the average cost of a Cadbury’s Crème Egg is 59p, weighs in at 40g and each one contains 177 calories.

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