Gift Idea - The Book of Everyone

March 30, 2017



A client of mine recently asked me to look into some appropriate gift options for some work colleagues. The brief was as follows:

  • The same gift required for four of her direct reports

  • Mix of male and female

  • Mixed age groups

  • Budget of up to £40

And I found a cracker of a solution!


The Book of Everyone website describes their product as “A HEARTWARMING, TEAR-JERKING PERSONALISED GIFT” and from what I have seen, I couldn’t agree more!


The Book of Everyone is a great new gift idea; something you can give to men or women of any age group and it’s completely personalised to each recipient. And there are a number of options available for various budget levels.


The book is 210mm x 210mm and contains 50 colourful pages of information which is relevant to each recipient based purely on their name, gender and date of birth. Each page includes interesting facts, figures and a whole host of trivia based on the information you have provided ranging from film, TV, hairstyles, news articles, star sign… loads of stuff that can’t help being of interest to the person you purchased the book for.


There are additional options for editing which are great if you know lots more about the person you are creating the book for, but for relationships such as my client, you can still get a personalised gift with the minimal amount of knowledge.


You can choose from nine different colour options for the book’s cover and to fit in line with your budget, you can choose from digital, paperback, hardback and deluxe versions. You can also add gift wrapping for the book and choose from a range of postage options. The book is produced from between 2 hours and to up to four working days depending on the version you choose and if you don’t opt for any of the special postage options, first class postage is free of charge.


Versions available:

  • Digital £7.95 – emailed to the recipient within 2 hours

  • Paperback £19.95 – despatched within 2 working days (includes free digital version)

  • Hardback £29.95 – despatched within 3 working days (includes free digital version)

  • Deluxe £49.95 – despatched within 4 working days (includes free digital version and comes with a padded cover, silk ribbon, velvet top & tail and presented in a gift box)

There are other ‘books’ available, produced specifically for Mums, Dads, Kids and some other special versions but whoever you need to buy a gift for, this really is an amazing option. It’s quick and easy to create, very fast to produce, cost effective with a range of budget options but most of all, it’s a truly personal gift that the recipient will love.

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