Everyday Secrets... Who Knew?

March 23, 2017



Sometimes in life, you discover something that is so obvious, that you won’t be able to understand why you didn’t know about it before. Here are some of those things:


 Oxo Cubes

I found out about this one just a matter of months ago and was astounded that I had never known about it before. Open up the tabs on either side of the cube, crush gently to make a powder, then open up the foil on one end. Quite a revelation really as I no longer risk getting stock cube ‘crumbs’ down my finger nails!




Built in Utensil Holder

Now this might not be the case for all saucepans but many of them have a clever little hole within the handle, which is a perfect place to keep your utensils handy and dripping into the pan instead of on to the work surface (or if like me, you have numerous spoon rests!)






Perfect Spaghetti Portions

If you have a spaghetti spoon, you may have noticed a hole in the centre. You might have thought that it was just a way of using less plastic when in fact, it’s a clever design feature for measuring out the perfect portion of spaghetti per person.






Soda Straws

 For those people who don’t like drinking directly out of a drinks can, you might be pleased to know that there is a clever little gadget to help you out. Instead of pulling of the ring pull, simply turn it round to provide a handy little holder for a straw.






Keeping it Steady

If you’ve ever been frustrated by your cling film or kitchen foil trying to escape from the box before you’ve had chance to cut off the piece you need, try pushing in the tabs on the side of the box – they’re there to help keep the rolls in place!





Keeping it Warm

If you’re lucky enough to have one of those large ‘range’ style cookers, you may been missing out on a clever little trick. What you may be using as a storage drawer for your cooking trays and roasting tins, is actually supposed to be a warming drawer for your food.




Get to the Chocolate Quicker

Instead of trying to break off a piece of Toblerone towards you and ending up with melted chocolate all over your fingers, push the triangle towards the bar which will break off far more easily.






Tic Tac Toe

Any of us who have tried tipping up a box of Tic Tacs will probably have ended up pouring out most of the contents all at once. Try tipping the box towards the lid - this acts as a dispenser for just the one Tic Tac at a time.










You’re Doing it Upside Down!

The easiest way to peel a banana is actually the opposite way to how you may have been doing it all your life. It’s actually easier to peel your banana from the bottom end, not the top. And if you don’t believe it, just watch how a monkey does it!

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