Variety is the Spice of Life

January 17, 2017



Since starting my freelance PA business, I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of both business and private clients, all with very different requirements.


On Monday I could be undertaking purely administration tasks for one client, on Tuesday I might be sourcing gifts for a forthcoming wedding and by Friday I could be proofreading a 78 page document for a national institute. It’s true to say that like my work in event management, no two days as a freelance personal assistant are ever the same. Following on from my most memorable tasks as an Event Manager, here is a selection of some of the tasks I have undertaken as a freelance PA:


  • Transporting 20 heavy Christmas gifts across London in a suitcase for two hours due to problems on the tube

  • Sorting out electronic correspondence for a business owner with 6,500 unread emails

  • 7 hours straight of non-stop typing

  • Organising a professional closet organiser in the US for a client’s mother

  • Translating 30 recipes from Franglaise to clear English

  • Devising toilet related party games for a bathroom company

  • Re-jarring and labelling a vast assortment of Chinese herbs

  • Sourcing gingerbread houses for Christmas activities

  • Sorting seven years of receipts and invoices into date order for one client…

  • … and then recording them all electronically

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