Everyone Needs a Girl Friday

January 17, 2017



A recent article written by Rebecca English of the Daily Mail and published by IOL in South Africa, documented the recent royal trip to India with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge undertaking a diverse range of visits; feeding animals at a wildlife rehabilitation centre, meeting street kids in New Delhi and lunch with the Indian Prime Minister as just some of their engagements.


Assisting the royal couple, (and more specifically the Duchess) during their trip in addition to the usual array of security officers and drivers, was a crack team of aides, all with their own unique responsibilities to ensure that the visit went as smoothly as possible:

  • Natasha Archer, Kate’s PA and unofficial stylist

  • Sophie Agnew, joint PA for the Duke and Duchess

  • Amanda Cook Tucker, hairdresser

  • Rebecca Deacon, Kate’s Private Secretary


A quote from the article reads:

“The ‘Head Girl’ of the team is Rebecca Deacon, also known as her GF – Girl Friday”.


On top of their specific duties for the royal couple, ‘Team Kate’ were more than happy to roll their sleeves up to get things done and were seen carrying multiple bags, cases and suit covers. Rarely seen in public, this team of ladies work together to make sure that the royal engagements go without a hitch and assisting the Duchess to maintain her faultless style wherever she goes.


Urban Dictionary Definition of a Girl Friday:

A 'go to' girl; a female who will help you get things taken care of; a female you can rely on when you are in need of extra assistance; a female who acts as a 'jack of all trades' and is capable of doing almost anything; a girl you can count on when you are overwhelmed with your own chores and the duties must be done; a girl who does most of the leg work on a project, but never takes (or gets) credit.


I may not have any royal clients but I do have the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients from all walks of life and all of them with different requirements for their Girl Friday.


If you need an extra pair of hands, call Girl Friday Harrow….

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