Basic Rates
  • Initial consultation to establish your requirements is free of charge

  • £25 per hour (flat rate for all time regardless of task - minimum charge of one hour, then charged by the half hour)

  • All items purchased on behalf of the client are charged as per the receipt


  • 45p per mile for all travel undertaken by car

  • Travel undertaken by public transport charged as per receipt

  • Many of my services can be completed remotely, however, if you require my services at your location, I may have to charge an additional amount if travelling to you takes longer than 30 minutes

Gift wrapping
  • £1 per small item (smaller than a shoe box)

  • £2 per medium item (shoe box size)

  • £3 per large item (larger than a shoe box but smaller than a suitcase!)



- Gift wrapping includes Girl Friday wrapping paper, ribbon and tag

- Specific requests can easily be accommodated and will be charged as per purchase receipts

- External packaging and postage will be charged as per Royal Mail charges



  • Girl Friday accepts payment by cash, cheque and BACS

  • Payment for services is due on completion of the task/s undertaken

  • Girl Friday provides services between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday