About Girl Friday

  • Administration (copy typing, correspondence,

  • filing systems, live chat)

  • Proofreading (websites, brochures, newsletters, Patient Information Leaflets, whitepapers)

  • Marketing (branding, direct mail, advertising, email, digital, social, content production)

  • Internal Communications (newsletters, incentives, employee engagement, intranet, forums)

  • Event Management (awards, gala events, incentive travel, family fun days, team-building, parties)

Steff Booth - Virtual Assistant


I'm Steff and I've lived in Harrow on the Hill for nearly 14 years.

I offer Virtual PA Services to businesses and individuals throughout the UK who need an extra pair of hands and for local clients, I'm also happy to assist you on-site if required.

I've had a varied career to date with experience in many different areas, all of which I bring to Girl Friday’s range of services as a Virtual Assistant. Check out my key specialties on the left.​


Ten Ways I Can Help You

  1. Reduce your workload – let me free up your day by taking those time consuming tasks from you

  2. Save you money – only pay for the time you need

  3. Offering flexibility – whether you need me occasionally for an hour or part-time on a regular basis

  4. Professionalism – consider me as an extension to your business

  5. Reliable support – use someone hard-working, meticulous and trustworthy

  6. Seamless assistance – let me fill the gap when your staff are absent to ensure business continuity

  7. Hassle-free – there’s no need to worry about tax, N.I. payments, pensions or sick/holiday pay for me

  8. Improve work-life balance – more time to run your business and have fun with family and friends

  9. Space saving – as I work remotely, I don’t need office space, a desk or a PC

  10. Confidentiality – 100% discretion and secure storage of all work undertaken


Whether you require assistance on a regular basis, need support with a specific project or just need an extra pair of hands every now and then, I would love the opportunity to work with you.

Check out the range of services I offer, details about my rates and also some testimonials from other clients. Then drop me an email, fill out the contact form or give me a ring to chat about how I may be able to assist you or your business.